VintaSoft Ltd.

Russian Federation
Nagibina Ave, 33
P: 1234567890

VintaSoft creates professional SDKs for .NET, WPF and WEB software developers. Imaging .NET SDK with Plug-ins: Image Annotations, PDF Reader and Writer, JBIG2, JPEG2000 and DICOM Codecs, OCR, Document Cleanup, OMR/Forms Processing. Barcode .NET SDK for Barcode Recognition and Generation. TWAIN .NET SDK for Work with Scanner in .NET and WPF. Twain ActiveX. Easy integration into final applications, small size, perfect functionality and performance.

Software per Editori

Controllo scanner o fotocamera con l'applicazione .NET

Windows | | 14 April 2017

Legge e scrive 1D e 2D codici a barra da VB.NET, C# o ASP.NET.

Windows | | 13 April 2017