Soft4Boost Announces the Release of Photo Studio for Multi-Functionality Image Editing

Comunicato stampa: Soft4Boost Photo Studio

Soft4Boost"s Photo Studio delivers exceptionally simple image editing tools in one, comprehensive tool set. January 16, 2013 Soft4Boost, a group of highly trained programmers, have released Photo Studio which includes one of the most comprehensive image editing tool sets available today. Photo Studio is suitable for any user with or without prior image editing experience or specialist computer expertise. Soft4Boost Photo Studio is the perfect tool for resizing, rotating and improving photographs as well as providing excellent color, brightness and contrast control. Soft4Boost Photo Studio also supports multiple languages and many skins. How Soft4Boost Photo Studio Work Soft4Boost Photo Studio is an exceptionally comprehensive photo-imaging tool kit, suitable for users of all levels. Users enjoy the very simply graphical user interface (GUI) and simple, step-by-step systems for performing even the most complicated photo edits. Soft4Boost Photo Studio also provides multiple language support, including English and the major European languages. Soft4Boost Photo Studio Key Features Soft4Boost Photo Studio key features include: Full Feature Functionality for Image Editing: the most comprehensive toolset for editing photographs contained within one application; Suitable for All Experience Levels: Soft4Boost Photo Editor is a fully equipped, professional photo editing suite, but it is also eminently suitable for users with no prior editing experience; Change Program Design: Soft4Boost Photo Editor allows users to change Photo Editor design. It supports 11 beautiful skins; Excellent Image Color Management: manage colors with Soft4Boost Photo Studio"s Image Histogram and exert complete tonal control; Multiple Supported Image Formats: Soft4Boost Photo Studio provides support for a very wide range of image formats, which you can preset for saving work in formats you need; Multiple Language Support: a large number of languages are supported including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and Hungarian; Intuitive and Easy-to-Use GUI:: an easy-to-use GUI and workspace area is provided for managing images, including preview screen and working area. Soft4Boost Photo Studio can be downloaded at no charge from the Soft4Boost website and is easily installed with no specialist knowledge or experience required.