EULA: NT Data Wiper

Wipe tool to recover or wipe deleted files

Software: NT Data Wiper

This is a legal agreement which allows you, the end user, to use the Program under certain terms and conditions. 
		If you cannot agree to abide by what this agreement says you should not use or evaluate the Program. 
		The Program is fully protected by copyright under U.S. law and international treaty provisions. 
		You may use a trial copy of the Program for evaluation only, in order to determine whether the program meets your needs 
		before purchasing it. While you are evaluating the Program, you may use it on as many computers as are required to perform your evaluation. 
                You may freely distribute copies of the original trial version of the Program, in its original format, so long as you do not charge more 
		than a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials. You may not in any way change the original distribution file, 
		except to package it within another archive if necessary. When you purchase the Program, you will receive a unique 
		registration code, or Key. You may not publish or distribute this Key by any means without direct authorization from us. 
		If you do, your license to use the Program is automatically terminated, you must remove the Program from your computer(s), 
		and you may be liable for legal damages.