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LeaderTask Company Management: a Universal Solution for High-Efficiency Project Management, Employee Management and More! LeaderTask Company, a software company known for its popular time management and project management solutions, has announced the release of LeaderTask Company Management. It is a progressive network multi-user organizer, which combines all necessary features for effective employee management, customer relationship management, project management and corporate information management. You can install LeaderTask application on Android device and iPad/iPhone and delegate tasks straight from your mobile device: smartphone, tablet, notebook or netbook. LeaderTask Company Management is used by hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses, large companies, and education and research institutes all over the world. Why? Because this solution enables managers to organize effective teamwork, to delegate tasks, to maintain accurate accounting of them, to increase efficiency and to store corporate data. In addition to this, LT Company Management is a great tool for managing employees remotely and even organizing a virtual office. When compared to other popular project management tools like MS Outlook, LT Company Management is recognized by users as a more convenient solution due to its multiple layers of organization: projects, sub-projects, tasks and sub-tasks; moreover, there are such categories as Phone Calls, Errands and Reading, which stay away from project tree structure. By the way, one task can be a part of several categories, providing maximum flexibility. Against this, the simple task list of Outlook looks really insufficient. In conclusion it should be mentioned that the developers really pay attention to the user feedback: serious bugs are promptly fixed, and reasonable suggestions are implemented as soon as practicable - sometimes within a couple of weeks! LeaderTask Company management at a glance: *Distribution of tasks and visual monitoring of their execution; *Complete control over the progress of a project; *Remote work and remote management via Internet; *A built-in chat for employees; *Customer relationship management system; *Storing of all interaction history and corporate information; Links: Product page link: www.leadercommand.com Direct download link: http://www.leadertask.com/download/ltcompany.zip Company website: www.leadercommand.com