DataNumen Access Repair 3.9: minimize your data loss even if Access databases are corrupt!

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For immediate release December 6th, 2021 Contact: Alan Chen Company: DataNumen, Inc Title: Manager E-mail: DataNumen Access Repair 3.9: minimize your data loss even if Access databases are corrupt! Everybody who works with Microsoft Access databases knows that if the database files are corrupt or damaged in some way, Access can neither open the files nor recognize any data in them. That can incur significant data loss, as lots of important objects, including tables, records and relations are stored in such files. A great amount of people from all over the world know what to do in this case! They have already tried DataNumen Access Repair and got convinced by its remarkable performance. It uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access databases (.MDB or .ACCDB files) and recover the data in them as much as possible. Now the new version (DataNumen Access Repair 3.9) is available, with improved performance and better compatibility. DataNumen Access Repair 3.9 is based on comprehensive understanding of the Access database format. The advanced algorithm of this powerful tool allows to recover every possible item in the Access database files, because the recovery process does not rely on the structure of the original corrupt or damaged database file. Sometimes the structure is completely damaged and cannot be recognized, but DataNumen Access Repair is still able to analyze the raw database file byte by byte and recover most of the data. It works even when other similar tools would fail! Even if there is no file corruption yet, it is still reasonable to have a copy of DataNumen Access Repair 3.9 - just to be on the safe side and to use it immediately if needed. DataNumen Access Repair 3.9 can be used to successfully repair Microsoft Access 95 to 2019 databases, recover the structure and records of the tables in Access databases, recover MEMO and OLE fields. It provides a bundle of benefits, because it covers numerous features that are not available or only partially available in other repair engines. Among those features is support for new Access ACCDB format, batch recovery, command line support, shell integration, drag & drop support. DataNumen Access Repair 3.9 can also recover indexes, auto-number fields and relations, and search for Access database files on the local computer according to special criteria. Pricing and Availability DataNumen Access Repair 3.9 runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows Server, and supports all versions of Microsoft Access including Microsoft Access 2019 and Access for Office 365. A single license costs $199.95. Volume buyers are entitled to discounts. Further information on the product is available from