Bolide Software Launches All My Movies 7.1

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Seattle, WA July 27, 2012 -- Bolide Software, the developer of software for collectors of books, movies and multimedia files, is announcing today the release of All My Movies 7.1 - the latest version of the Windows application for creating a computer database of movies on DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, VHS and video files on the hard drive. By automating the process of adding movies to its database, All My Movies allows the user to download all information about a particular film along with its cover art from the online movie databases, and then create a movie card in the collection automatically. Thus, the user does not have to waste time on entering information manually, or search for it on the Web. Additionally, the user can specify the location of a DVD disk in the boxes or on shelves in the apartment and indicate who took the disk and when it"s due back. All My Movies makes it easy to find information about any movie in its database. You can make use of different modes for filtering and sorting films, and most importantly - quick search for movies by many database fields, such as title, director, release year and actor. So, any movie is just a few clicks away! The program also has other useful features, including printing the database using various templates, export of the collection to PDF, HTML, TXT, CHM, or Excel; syncing with a mobile client for iPhone and Android. What"s new in All My Movies 7.1? The new version of the movie organizer introduces these features: *Import and storage of the character names for the actors *Ability to display actors in columns *Batch movie details update (menu item "Tools-Update movie details") now works for all IMDb sites and *New visual control for the movie list (fixed scrolling related problems) *New Compact2 template for printing and export to PDF *Ability to display Genre, Director and Price fields as additional columns in the movie list *Ability to export and print collection sorted by Genre and Director Pricing and Availability All My Books 7.1 is available from the Bolide Software website. To evaluate the program, users are encouraged to install the trial version of the software that can be used for free during 30 days. Links Feature overview: Screenshots: Trial version: About Bolide Software: Bolide Software develops software for organizing home collections of movies, books and multimedia files. More than 20,000 users and organizations use its software, saving their time and efforts. The Bolide Software"s product line includes All My Books, a popular movie organizer for Windows; Audio Comparer and Image Comparer, apps for searching and removing duplicate files. For more information about the company and its products, visit